Steel and cast iron shot

Production and sales of cast iron shot

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Responsibility. We produce our products for you as we would do for ourselves.
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Optimal prices: we adhere to a democratic pricing policy and work with our customers without intermediaries;
When producing and selling steel shot in Ukraine, we strictly adhere to the established standards and have an effective quality control system;
we have a reliable reputation and do not make even minor mistakes that could leave stains on it: we guarantee a high level of quality;
Like any responsible manufacturer, we care about our customers and offer favourable terms of cooperation, which you can learn more about during a telephone conversation;
the shot is supplied in convenient and practical packaging.

Steel and cast iron shot, manufactured and sold by our company in Ukraine, can be used for surface treatment of stainless steel, stone, non-ferrous metals (copper, zinc, titanium, etc.).

By purchasing steel shot, you gain advantages in terms of increased cost-effectiveness, efficiency and environmental friendliness of production. However, by purchasing these products from our company, you will receive additional benefits.


Nominal sieve opening, mmTest sieve opening size and designaton with maximum cumulative percatanges allowed on corresponding test sieves shot number
2,36 0            
2,00>85 00          
1,70>97>85 <50    0    
1,40 >97>85 <50    0   
1,18  >97>85 <50  >75 0  
1,00   >96>85 <50 >85>75 0 
0,85    >96>85 <100     
0,71     >96>85 <10 >85>70 0
0,60      >96>85      
0,50       >97      
0,425        >85  >80>70 
0,355        >97     
0,300            >80>65
0,180             >75

Steel grit GP
Clumsy when new, this grit quickly rounds off after use and is particularly well suited for descaling.
Steel grit GL
Although harder than the steel shot GP, this shot also loses its sharp edges during shot blasting and is particularly suitable for descaling and surface preparation.
Steel grit GH
These abrasives are particularly effective in surface finishing applications and produce a uniform etched finish.

Characteristics of steel and grit shot

Type of steel shot HardnessDensity kg/m3Chemical analysis, %
Carbon SiliconManganeseSulphur Phosphorus
Steel ShotNormal39-530 HV (40-51 HRC)70000.8-1.2min 0.40.35-1.2max 0.05max 0.05
Steel GritGHmin 700 HV (min 60 HRC)73000.6-1.2
GL570-710 HV (54-61 HRC)
GM(GP)470-610 HV (47-56 HRC)
GS390-530 HV (40-51 HRC)

Chemical analysis of steel shot %.

Characteristics of low-carbon shot %

Type of steel shot HardnessDensity kg/m3Chemical analysis, %
Low carbon steel shot39-530 HV (40-51 HRC)min 7000 kg/m3Carbon  0,08-0.15Silicon 0,1-0,25Manganese 0,4-0,7Sulphur 0,035 maxPhosphorus 0,035 max